A one-to-one private appointment in person with an FR specialist of the house. This initial consultation is an opportunity to encapsulate your early embryonic ideas of the perfect look for your special occasion. The house will share with you our recommended design styles, that include different silhouettes, fabrics and embroidery options, unique to suit you. Your full body measurements will be taken with acute precision by one of our highly trained couture specialists.

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In between consultations, glamour and enchantment meet you at our digital doors as the house welcomes you to enter FERONA world online and experience the technological journey of your couture creation and access your private portal in between fittings and appointments. Here you will be seamlessly guided through the magical journey of your special couture piece personalised to supersede your highest expectations.

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Between the initial consultation and your design consultation, our creative design team attentively lead you to explore further and dream in the creative possibilities, using your very own private digital portal. During your design consultation, a final sketch of your commissioned couture piece will be presented to you. You will once more be given the opportunity to be shown the final fabric and embroidery options created exclusive to you only.

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Following the final approval of all the required design elements, endless hours are dedicated to the construction of the toile which is formed using no less than 30 individual body measurements, in correspondence with the desired design specifications. Our highly skilled couturiers of the atelier who each hold no less than 10 years of experience creating by hand the most spectacular commissioned couture pieces, work meticulously by hand and begin to bring to life your unique couture creation, using both traditional and innovative modern-day techniques that are paired together harmoniously, in accordance with the design specifications.


Any piece produced can take hundreds and thousands of hours to make and each creation is handled with the upmost care and extreme attention until it is completed to perfection. Every single stitch is by hand and each is an important contribution to achieving a high standard finish, as is the acute attentiveness, focus and attention to detail provided by the 'petite mains' of the house.

The journey continues as we invite you to voyage through the digital world of FERONA, to follow closely and observe the progress and artistic formation of your commissioned piece in between fittings. The atelier will keep you informed every step of the way.

You will be invited to attend the fitting(s) of both your toile and the final piece at each stage of the couture process.

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At the final appointment, you will be presented with the finished look. A final fitting will take place alongside the full inspection of your unique creation to not only ensure your expectations have been satisfied but to certify that the standards of the house have been met. This is the last step in the couture process but the perfect couture dream lives on through your digital portal, available for you to re-visit and re-live at any moment in time. Your very own private sphere, where past and future couture fantasies and desire reside forever.

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